Knowing when to buy and when to sell

Many people may not understand, but it is possible to buy or sell the land privately without the involvement of agents. If you are considering purchasing a particular asset, you do not have to wait for the property to go to the market or appear in real estate in the newspaper to offer a purchase offer.

Ten tips for buying or selling real estate:

  1. Include the services of bidders or lawyers who have experience and expertise in property issues
  2. Keep in mind the prepared contract, to sign when you come up with a buyer who is ready to pay the appropriate price.
  3. The first obligation of the seller/buyer is to provide the exact name of the property. Ensure that your property can be freed from any burden or order or settlement conditions so that the buyer/seller has a clear title for the asset.
  4. Avoid long settlement. It is possible that the customer wants a broad solution, say 6 or 12 months instead of the usual 30 or 45 days.
  5. Agents are generally very good at protecting the position of their clients, but they take a big commission. They also have an interest in ensuring that the settlement continues without delay so that they can make their commissions.
  6. The first thing you need to do when you sign a property purchase contract, especially where experts are representing the interests of any party, is to keep your investments safe.
  7. Before signing a contract, you must pay attention to the property: e.g., Get a report on the inspection of the building, talk with neighbors, etc.
  8. Even if you think you are an experienced buyer, make sure you have a lawyer or tenderer’s review by contract
  9. Make sure your finances are excellent and buy assets that are lower than market value. If necessary, you get a formal valuation of the property.
  10. Make sure that the seller has a seller’s deposit, not the seller if he has not presented it.